Machine Datas for Mechanical Production

Maschine Datas
Machine/Process Operating range Comments
Saw max. diameter 400 mm  
Centre turning max. diameter
over bed 630 mm
max. length 1000 mm
Quality IT7
Vertical turning
  • CNC

max. swing diameter 1500 mm

Quality IT7 / to some degree IT6
Chuck part turning - CNC max. gripping diameter 800 mm
max. turning length 1600 mm
max. swing diameter 1030 mm
with automatic feeding up to 315 mm
Quality IT6 / IT7 with powered tools
Drilling / Milling - CNC
  • Machining centre with swivel head and swing table

max. swing diameter 1500 mm
max. height 600 mm
with automatic feeding up to 315 mm

horizontal / vertical / diagonal 5 CNC axes
  • broaching
  • keyseating
  • upcutting

up to 14 mm
up to 70 mm
max. diameter 400 mm

with circular spacing table
with circular spacing table
  • flat
  • External cylindrical-CNC

  • Internal cylindrical-CNC

max. grinding diameter630 mm
max. swing diameter490 mm
max. length 1000 mm with CNC-B axis

max. swing diameter 650 mm
max. bore diameter 600 mm
max. grinding depth 600 mm
with CNC-B axis

Gripping on magnetic disc
  • gear shaping

  • Gear hobbing - CNC

Module 1 ... 12
max. tooth face width 210 mm
Module 1 ... 8
max. workpiece length 340 mm
max. workpiece diameter 500 mm

Quality IT7

Quality IT7, crowned gears
Steel-shot blasting
  • Troughed belt conveyor

max. part length 900 mm
max. individual weight 10 kg
max. filling weight 700 kg
Dynamic balancing horizontal

max. diameter 1500 mm
max. length of balance element 2000 mm
max. rotor mass 1000 kg

Balance quality Q = 2.5
3-D measuring machine
  • CNC-Zeiss Contura/Accura

max. part dimension:
1600 mm x 2100 mm x 1000 mm

Repetition accuracy 3µm scannable